Book a memorable stay at Casa Naranja Peru: a place to relax and experience the northern Peruvian culture and cuisine. We are centrally located in downtown Huanchaco and only 30 meters from the beach!

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Casa Naranja Gallery

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Casa Naranja Peru is based in Huanchaco beach, a scenic fishing village near the city of Trujillo and strategically located between many interesting archeological sites of the ancient Moche and Chimu culture (pre-Inca civilizations).

Fishing Village
Despite of its increasing modern setting, Huanchaco has maintained the charm of its traditions over the years. A typical landmark of Huanchaco are the reed water crafts. The «Caballitos de Totora» have been used by Peruvian fishermen for more than 2.500 years. Up until today the ancient fishing techniques are still applied by the fishermen of Huanchaco.

Surf, beach & gastronomic destination
Huanchaco is also quite popular amongst surfers and sun worshipers. They visit the beach for its constant mid-height waves, beautiful sunsets and surfing facilities. The gastronomic delights of this region are absolutely worth mentioning. Huanchaco hosts many exquisite restaurants. Prepare yourself to savour extraordinary seafood dishes and barbecues: there’s food for all budgets!


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From Huanchaco, it’s easy to visit some interesting sites in the area. Did you know that Chan Chan – the largest adobe city in the world – is literally located in the backyard of Huanchaco? The historic center of Trujillo (only a 15 minute drive) is very attractive for its colonial buildings, its main square, museums, restaurants and cafes. The ancient Moche temples Huaca del Sol y de la Luna are not far from Trujillo, same as the archeological site ‘El Brujo’ where the famous Lady of Cao was recently found.

Trujillo & Moche Route

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